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Security Education and Training Support Specialist - 2016-0021

Position Summary: 


Location: Washington, DC


Job Requirements:


The Security Education & Training Support Specialist provides training and awareness support to general staff, IT staff, non-technical staff, and organization business officials of the organization.   Serves as the Senior Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the development, implementation and administration of the security training and awareness program and establishes the program as an integrated and robust security training and courseware framework for the organization.   The Security Specialist is responsible for strengthening the security training and awareness program into a comprehensive, measurable, effective IT security program throughout the workforce.



  • The individual will develop a comprehensive security education and awareness program that meets NIST 800-16, Information Technology Security Training Requirements: A Role- and Performance-Based Model and the regulatory requirements as noted elsewhere in this announcement

  • Develop training modules which follow the general outline documented in NIST Special Publication 800-18, “Guide for Developing Security Plans for Information Technology Systems”.

  • Create an on-going Security Training and Awareness program for the organizational workforce adhering to U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 5 CFR part 930, “Employees Responsible for the Management or Use of Federal Computer Systems” and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-130, “Management of Federal Information Resources,” Appendix III, “Security of Federal Automated Information Resources. 

  • The individual must be a dynamic, proven briefer who is comfortable speaking before large groups of people. Will develop, disseminate, and present security education and training materials that provide blended learning opportunities; Materials will include training plans, briefings, slides, a newsletter to industry, refresher training, and specialized training for all classification levels and accesses needed

  • Develops security training materials specifically designed to assist key IT staff and officials responsible for major application and general support systems to participate in the enhancement or development of the security plans for their systems. 

  • Orients the staff and appropriate officials concerning their security role and responsibilities relative to their systems and to orient them for their role in assisting the contractor with the task of developing security plans and operational procedures. 

  • Update/develop, in conjunction with organizational requirements, a security awareness brochure/pamphlet or recommend commercial-off-the-shelf training materials that can be provided/used by all organizational personnel

  • Responsible for development of training programs in an e-learning environment

  • Develop, review, and prepare training and education materials to meet organizational information security requirements. Training materials will be provided as eLearning modules and/or PowerPoint presentations


Qualifications / Experience / Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred

  • CompTIA Security +

  • Public Trust Clearance

  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience

  • 5+ years of related management experience in the field of security education and training; A minimum of five (5) years of demonstrated experience in the Information Security (Cybersecurity or Information Assurance) field

  • Extensive expertise in Information Security (Cybersecurity or Information Assurance) processes and industry best practices in providing thorough Information Security (Cybersecurity or Information Assurance) training

  • Working knowledge of the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), as well as information assurance, risk analysis, continuous monitoring, and POA&M management; must be able to perform any and all of the functions associated with this effort

  • Must also be proficient in Information Security (Cybersecurity or Information Assurance) requirements, Executive Orders, and other applicable regulatory documentation

  • Working knowledge of current government-wide directives such as OMB Circular A-130 and OPM 5 CFR part 930

  • Proficient in MS Office Software

  • Strong problem solving and analysis skills, self-motivated, and able to work and communicate in a team environment.

  • Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills preferred

  • Ability to dynamically present training modules with little or no supervision

  • Flexibility to adjust to a quickly changing and fast paced environment


Apply:  Please send a cover letter and resume along with your salary requirements to


Nucrest is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer and administers all personnel practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, genetics or any other category protected under applicable law. 

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